Grooming & Spa

Grooming & Spa

A pampering groom and spa time that will not just give your furbaby a refreshing new look, but also an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Basic Grooming

Spa Treatment

Glowing Skin & Coat Spa

We use the highest quality Dead Sea Mud Spa containing natural ingredients such as plant extracts, aloe vera and 46 different minerals that nourishes your furbaby’s skin and coat.

Smooth Skin Spa

The Ayurveda Herb has been widely used in Japan for 10 years and has been know to treat various skin ailments such as yeast infection, dandruff, eczema, and skin rashes.

The Japan Ayurveda Herb Dog Spa and Cat Spa Treatment not only helps to treat various skin ailments but also contain high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps to remove body odor and itch through its purifying properties.

It is also a great natural remedy against fleas and ticks for up to 2 weeks or more if well-maintained and achieve fluffy and shiny coat after each spa treatment.

Silky Coat Spa

The soft and elastic foam provides a comfortable feeling to the skin, softens the hair and reduces the formation of dandruff.

It also contains properties that provide beneficial benefits such as deodorize, repair damaged hair, restore elasticity, toughness, and shine.

Not just the hair, it has moisturizing and toning properties that can give the skin a smooth and delicate feeling with a long-lasting effect.

It helps to improve skin irritation, promotes skin cell regeneration and accelerates circulation metabolism.


Your Furbabies Deserve A Good Time Too!


Add-On Service

We provide supplementary services for all guests to enjoy their overnight stay, daycare or grooming sessions.

Pick-up and drop-off transport

We understand that furparents can be busy at times so need not worry, we got you covered! We can arrange third-party pick-up and drop-off for your furbabies.


Our healthy meals are freshly prepared with human-grade meat and veggies that your furbabies will enjoy licking cleanly off their bowls.

Birthday Pawties

Create happy memories on your furbabies’ special day with yummy cakes, games and fun with their favourite furbuddies.