A Day In Life – Bailey At Furmummy

A Day In Life – Bailey At Furmummy

A Day In Life – Bailey At Furmummy

Hello, I am Bailey. I go to Furmummy since I was 5 months old. It has been my second home till today.

Not only for holiday, my dad also sends me for daycare during his busy work days. He says it’s for my own good and he feels relaxed from the updates he receives about me having fun.

On a typical day, he drops me off in the morning before he goes to work. A morning walk with Furmummy is the first thing I do to start my day. Morning is always exciting because I get to meet friends and continue play fight battles I left yesterday. When it is time for meals, Furmummy will remove me from my friends. I don’t like that but the meal they serve is yummy!

I love to play, and I play with all energy I have. Afternoon is when I start feeling tired and I will go to my usual spot for a nap. The sleep time is always comfortable and I know where is the perfect air-conditioned spots.

Time at Furmummy is always fun and precious to me, so once I get enough rest, I will get up and play again until when it’s time for evening walk, I will do a dance before they put leash on me.

Time passes really fast and it’s time to go home with daddy again. Arrrr, nevermind, I know I will fall into a good night sleep very easily and then it’s another brand new day for fun time at Furmummy again.

Will you come and be my friend at Furmummy? We can have lots of fun together and trust me, it’s always a happy day.

Contact 91507150 or email to hello@furmummy.com.sg to book your slot today.