About Us

To reciprocate their unconditional love

As a dog owner, you would know the way dogs seek our affection; from their soft whimpers to the joy and excitement we see in their eyes upon our return in the evenings.

Through our research and experience, in the absence of a canine mother, dogs readily accept people as surrogate parents

In their world, we are always their priority.

To reciprocate their unconditional love, Furmummy was born. A place where furparents can have a peace of mind knowing their furbabies are well taken care of

Quality & Assurance

Fully Licensed Boarder In Singapore

From April 2022, The Animal & Veterinary Service (“AVS”) began regulation of the pet boarding industry with new stringent licensing conditions targeted to improve animal welfare. This means that Furmummy has passed AVS inspections and checks. We have met and exceeded the requirements and standards for our boarding rooms, hygiene control, diseases prevention, injuries and emergencies handling, staff training and more.

International Boarding and Pet Services Association

The IBPSA is a professional business association that provides business resources, industry expertise, staff education and training, certifications, and legislative support for the pet care services industry. IBPSA Members include the owners and employees of pet boarding and daycare facilities, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, veterinarians, trainers, and holistic care pet care providers.

Knowledge in Infectious Disease Management

The Heroes for Healthy Pets™ Certification Program provides essential support to the veterinary and pet professional community to help keep pets healthy and is an excellent opportunity to better understand infectious diseases and preventive care. We follow top-notch veterinary standards and provide the best practices for preventive care including core vaccinations, risk and care for senior dogs and intensive sanitation protocols to help maintain disease-free facilities and keep pets healthy.

Skilled in Responding to Emergency Situations

The team consists of certified canine first aid responders. We fully understand the necessary steps in responding to different situations and are skilled in providing immediate help during emergencies.

Zumvet As Vet Partner

Introducing Zumvet as Furmummy’s vet partner, our first point of contact who provides timely response in assessing furbabies’ condition or injuries during their stay.

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